Kinga Vereczkey-Porter – The Successful Director Of Sanford Specialty Clinics Who is Kinga Vereczkey-Porter?

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Kinga Vereczkey-Porter is a well known name in the medical field and currently, is a proud director of Sanford Specialty Clinics, which is situated at Sanford in North Carolina. She was offered the director’s post in the year 2007 with the responsibility of multi specialty practice. As a director, she brought in many functional changes like quality treatment, proper services and personal approach to the patients.
She has specialized in Rheumatology treatment that treats patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, Disorder of Vacuities and Heritable connective tissues, and soft tissues. She has also conducted many personal programs to educate people on healthy living
Academic Qualification Of Kinga Vereczkey-Porter
• In the year 1988, she completed her schooling from Albert Szent – Gorgyi Medical University at Hungary and also completed a fellowship in the field of Neurology from Milliard Fillmore Hospital.
• In the year 2001, she completed residency of Internal Medicine from the University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences where she was awarded 59th rank out of 144 ranks for quality research.
• In the year 2004, she completed residency in the field of Rheumatology from the University of North Carolina Hospitals, where she was certified with internal medicine of American Board.
Services Offered At Sanford Specialty Clinics
Sanford clinic is part of renowned university of North Carolina Hospital, which offers specialty services in the field of rheumatology, nephrology, pulmonary medicine, cardiology and endocrinology. This hospital is famous for providing quality service to their patients at very reasonable charges compared to other hospitals in North Carolina. Also, a special treatment has been provided to the patients suffering from systematic disorder under the personal guidance of Dr. Kinga Vereczkey-Porter.
Many other ailments related services include health education, wellness education, X-Ray Services, ultrasounds, diabetes, smoking cessation, bone density services and many others. Specifically in all this diagnostic service saves the time of patients, who needs an immediate medical treatment as it comes under the same hospital.
The Sanford Specialty Clinic, which is directed by Kinga Vereczkey-Porter, is part of UNC community based practice network. She is also a member of Triangle Physician Network, which assembles all the medical experts together for discussing new medical challenges.
The Sanford Specialty Clinics has become popular throughout the country for the dedicated and quality services provided by Dr. Kinga and her staff.
Dr. Kinga’s knowledge and experience in various fields of medical sciences have made her as one of the successful medical practitioners in the United States

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